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18 Analysis of Byron and Wordsworth Poems

Judul : 18 Analysis of Byron and Wordsworth Poems
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Simple Analysis of Lord Byron and William Wordsworth Poems - The basic enthusiasm of Romanticism is not an appreciate to nature or human being reflect the spontaneous or not for changes, but more regard to free overflow with the experience by their own way. Its more evidence with the following quotation, that someone describes the poem as the result of these powers and activities that poem is “The spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings”. We just know that Wordsworth’s feeling about nature (which poured into statement above) was particulary about his experiences that relates with his own way for doing something.

In addition of that, we know that the Romantic poets almostly offered people to an ‘imaginative’ and ‘creative’ world of poetry as a protest against and compensation for the hars social and economic realities of the industrial revolution. And it influenced their literrary works, esspecially in WilliamWordsworth and Lord Byron. They poured their ‘imaginative protest’ into the poems that presented the problems of ‘obscure realities’.

Furthermore, in both of Romantic literary works (represented by Wordsworth and Byron), ‘I’ has significance meaning that influenced them to take prioity for perception, feeling and reaction towards their ideas and likely, individual person has capbility to shows their ability to change what in ‘others’ mind.

1. Secret Ghost

The secret Ghost I love the most
Is the one lurking in my dream
Her lovely scent is heaven sent
She repays every moment she stole

Every people have dream and hidden things that keeping on their mind. It sometime will take ‘strange’ action in their habitual action, imagination and so on. Because as long as we try to conceal that feelings, we will feel tortured. So, they have to release it into any mediation, because their mind will oppressed and their soul will captives while it’s feeling never been poured. They need ‘courage’ to release it, because it’s ‘courage’ also help their imagination. 

For my assumption, those feeling influenced too in Lord Byron. He expresses his ‘courage’ into a mediation, the poem that help him to release his ‘oppressed’ feeling. Moreover, that feeling happened when he falling in love with a girl. He try to reverses her shadow with secret ghost’s symbol. That symbol used to describe that he did not have ability to touch herand reach her. He just able to smell her perfume and touch her shadow into his imagination.

2. My Hearts Leaps Up When I Behold

Who cannot leave alone our helpless clay
But will keep baking, broiling burning on

For me life is such kind of wheels. Still turning in anytime and any place; sometime we feel happy but in the different time we feel sad. Moreover, it keeps turning again anytime and anywhere.

In “My Heart leap up behold”, the wheel that reverse the happiness symbolized as the rainbow for the sign of nature that appeared after the rain. The word “rainbow” specifically refers for human from the adult age into man and become die. Likely, Rainbow refers to process of life that beginning from the age of kid, move to adult and growing old then die.

In the other word, when someone in their life’s process still and always beholds the rainbow in the sky, they will always reach happiness.

3. A complaint

From presenter view, those poem tells about a complaint for love. Thus, its tells about perception and opinion about love beyond human period that always directly different.

It is important for me that sometime we make complaint to love. As Wordsworth want to describe that he disagreement to change the love that made him become a poor man. He expresses the good of love as a consecrated fond in the right place as ‘a fountain at my fond hearts door’.

4. The Tables Turned

In my opinion, those poem tells about poet’s feeling for his rejection from some knowledge which taken from humanity value and human perception from books. He says, “You’ll grow double”, if reader accepted the value which coming from it.

Then he recommended to learning pure value from nature. In his view, nature will never lies and will straighten out every wrong value that coming from human interest.

5. Harold Alone

According to me, that poem has two possible meaning. It maybe between the relation of man and its nature or between the relation of man and its society. Because in my assumption, ‘I’ in the relationship between its nature was in external and physical world.

In sixth line, “…They could not deem me on of such; I stood among them, but not of them;” and in the last line ‘That goodness is no name, and happiness is no dream’, its seems tells us that everytthing was gona change, became empty and nihilist. And as like as want tell to us that everything is none.

Furthermore, those poems also tells us about ‘I’ who alienated by the world and its people who neither does not regard ‘I’ as the part of them.

6. She Walks in Beauty

When we analyze this poem, we will see that basically this poem is an attempting to describe the beauty of lady. In the first standza we know that a simile comparing the women to a cloudless and starry night is an image of the beauty of the night (the purity of starlight sparkling).

The pure idea of those poem is of course ultimately to shows the loveliness with a lady (symbolyzed by starnight sparkles) . When I read last stanza I found that the lady’s loveliness reflects her kindness as good as her mind which is peaceful and her heart which is filled with ‘pure’ love

7. A Slumber Did My Spirit Sea

We know that rhythm is very basic of poetry. According to Reaske, that rhythm in poetry created from repeated sounds--in terms of both duration and quality—and ideas (1966,12). Moreover, it was the natural rise and repeated of language. Moreover, most English words spoken with stress on certain syllables. And rhythm is not only created by patterns of repeated sound, but also is created by revising English sentences into smaller sense units so that a roughly repeating pattern of stress comes into being.

In addition of that, in the presentation’s result of Wordsworth “A Slumber did my spirit sea”, we found that rhythm has their important correlation to make its characteristic to define some of poems. Finally, when I read Wordsworth poem, I find that it was full and firmly describes a spirit as part of natural power that is so abstract.

8. So, we’ll Go No More Roving

‘We’ is the subject in those poem. And such as the purpose which assembled in those poem is about Byron’s girlfriend. The sign that indicates those statement can be found in the third line…”Though the heart be still a loving”.

We see that he will go no more roving untill his feeling wich caused by forcedness will healhted by her.

9. The World is Too Much with Us

In the line “The sea that bares her boson to the moon”, can be methaphored as a visual image of the sea like a great breast. The metaphor, however, imputes certain qualities to the sea, suggesting that is a Great Mother from which the Moon sucks its for life.

10. When We Two Parted

Sometime we have to think that our live is to find the wisdom and philosophy about life, death-after and love. That wisdom can be take from our experience that take from any mediator (including poems).

In this case, when I learned Byron words in this poem ‘when we two parted'. My interpretation is regards too with his adventure of life, death and love. Because life, death and love in Byron’s poem is the central problem in this critical. It also connecting with nature and society.

Life is so unpredictable with detail that make most of us often seems confuse, pesimistic and hopeless. Like other people, the poet discards the confusing detail, selects and arranges the remainder to communicate about impression, thereby or meaningful experience.

11. Daffodils

…when on my couch I lie

‘I” was the main character that express dafdodil’s simbol beyond the meaning of dead. As like as invisible man.’I’ able to be seen but in the other time he was gone. ‘I’ couldn’t being touch because he dying.

12. Butterfly

…Thou bringst, gay Creature as thou art!
A solemn image to my heart

Our memories in the past often make us have comfortable and joyfull feeling. It force our feeling to dig more deeper about others sweet memories to appears in our mind surfaces. So, it relates too with Wordsworth. Sometime he recall about his sweet or other memories into media which called as poem. When he and his sister playing, it’s captured and saved in his memory about childhood’s file memory. But the methapor in his memory is butterfly that represented as the nature. Probably we often see the butterfly flying around us, but we do not get enything from it. But Wordsworth could captured the basic sign that he want to tell. He tell us about the butterfly metamorphosis which more replace about the process of human live .

13. Adrian’s Address to His Soul When Dying

The birth, death and our sool mate is God’s authority. Only God know s ‘sublime’ and ‘pure’ human destiny. Because eventhough peoples try to find the truth meanings about it, they did not had to find it untill the end of time.

Those statement is relevance with Byron poem. In his poem likely he want to tell about permanent death. The death that’s only transtory. In first death our soul ‘permanent’ death and for the second death we really felt the ‘true’ death.

14. Bright Be the Place of Thy Soul!

…might be the turf of thy tomb

When we exist in the earth, we must makes something usefull, be important for other people that make our live to be more meaningfull.

For the quation above we see the relation about that poem with live’s meaning. Because if someone carry out the kindness for other people, their ‘good’ impression will follow beneath it.

15. The Prospect of London

Absolutely, this poem described about the period after industries revolution in London. The revolution that influence many aspects (there was many reconstruction and polution which indicates good and bad influences).

In addition of that, this poem is also talking about Juan (as the main character) as the representer to see the bureaucracy that is appear as ‘the wealth of world’.

16. The Forsaken

In the real world, the human being who did not have an optimistic point of view or peoples that hopless to face the future is hard to make pleasant life. Because basically, the world is a place to makes the compromise of live’s expectation.

Futhermore we see the correlation with Wordsworth poem’s content. He said, ‘Heaven grants even to the guilties mind’. It line indicated that heaven (the expectation of life itself) will grant to guilties minds.

17. Poor Susan

As the main character, Susan seems as the witness to see the degraded’s world which caused by the technologies and industries. The nature was opressed, corrupted and tainted in the name of physical development and the establishment of lifes.

18. First Love

Love is unpredictable thing. There are many mystery in the meaning of love itself. Sometime we just felt in ‘true’ love and also we felt we falling in love caused by desire or natural appetite. We often confuse to differenciate both of that. Which one that indicates and influences our pure feeling?.

From Byron’s poem, we have and imaginary about what the ‘true’ love is. In those poem we can use our moral value to appreciate with wisdom.

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