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Guiltiest Verses and Natural Complaint

Judul : Guiltiest Verses and Natural Complaint
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Dihimpun Oleh Jasmin Olivia

Alifmuku and His Poems - Literary work is the reflection of human’s attitude that depicted through character’s behavior in certain story structure. The literary work also defines and—in some point— also dramatise human attitude which even beyond the true reality.

Literature is also a universal cultural form. It represents creative art product, which its object is human being with all its problems and placed by pregnant typical language of aesthetic value. In every place and every time literature always pays attention symptom like that, it takes effect by totality. On the shifts, literature has never been the same between one places with another places; have distinguished between one times with another time. It always shows specific symptom when evaluated from creation and society facet which consuming those literary work.

In addition, hence, you will read 2 poem that have reflection about human's attitude 
with all its problems.

Invisible body dance surrounding me
For the mutability show the shape of dirty knees
Draw grandiosity the color that I knew
In the piece of clear verses

Such wise understanding colored the lowest wisdom
Pour some picture to my guiltiest mind
For the wrong tenses; pass through every gain
Like the atmosphere that haunted the highest rain

O silent verses!, still I confuse to escape your pain
Till I capture the sin you ever made and free the hope you ever rope

A Natural Complaint

Like a smoke passing the chimney
Blow with the story of mother for her son
Still turning from the huge air passing away
Captured secret breath inside me
Fade out with the crying of the moon

Like an angel took my creed beside
Showing pretty ghost whispering deep inside
I still hope angel take me
Rendering sun from thousand of ring
After Albatross bless his lifting singing

Still I cannot choose but say…
For all the fault in the name of insanity

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